Thursday, 5 May 2016

Learn How to Play Audio Clips Automatically When a Slide Appears in Office Setup PowerPoint

Today at, let us learn how to play music or other sounds automatically when a slide appears in PowerPoint presentation.

While presenting a presentation, you can set it as such, so that the audio or sound plays automatically when a specific slide shows up.

Once you have added an audio file to your slide, you'll see an audio icon like this. After you've included your sound clip, here's how, you can play it automatically when you get to the slide it's on in your presentation. Or you can get remote support at

1.      In Normal view (where you alter your slides), on the slide, click the audio icon.
2.    Click Add Animation on the Animations tab.
3.    Choose Play under Media.
4.    Click Animation Pane on the Animations tab.
5.     In the Animation Pane of your PowerPoint, ensure your sound clip is in the first position at the top point of the pane.

6.    Click the down arrow to right side of the audio clip, and afterward click Effect Options.
7.     Pick “From Beginning” on the Effect tab under Start Playing.
8.    Then choose “After current slide” under Stop Playing.
9.    Select “With Previous” on the Timing tab, in the Start list.
10.                        To start playing the sound after a brief deferral, in the Delay box, press the up arrow to expand the delay in seconds, and afterward click OK.
11.  On the “Slide Show” tab, click From Beginning to test the sound.
REMINDER: To hear music or sounds, your PC must be outfitted with a sound card and speakers.

To seek out any other help from our qualified support team besides these tutorials and troubleshooting guide, go to

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